Sunday, October 4, 2009

Thoughts about Printing

Well, this is new territory for me. Blogging. My first and foremost challenge is to give you content that will keep you reading and coming back for more.

Printing is a noble profession. Did you ever stop and realize that without printing, and printers to do the printing, there would be nothing to read, unless of course you read on your computer exclusively. But that's not always practical.

The Holy Bible was printed on a Gutenberg press about 600 years ago, with just a few re-printings since that time. Our paper money is printed. Your paycheck is printed. All the contracts you have ever signed were printed. And so you get the idea.

So where has printing ended up after all these years. When I saw my first press in 1980, people were still completely dependant on their local printer to get all their printing needs taken care of. Then came the computer and everything changed. The consumer could now do their own printing with many limitations. Over the years those limitations have gotten smaller and smaller.
Now, if you have the money, you can design, layout, and print a respectable lettehead, brochure, business card and any number of forms. However, there are still many challenges for the novice. What about layout and margins and printing 2 sides and bleeds? You may still need help! And we are here to help - when you need it.

There is still a need for people like us - your local printer. Many people don't have the time or patience to handle their own printing. When your patience and time runs out - you know where to find us.

Stephen Pyle
P&D Printing, Ink