Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Well, its a new year. I keep speaking to other small business owners and the topic always comes around to the economy. I've seen a little improvement in our business at the end of the year. I am optomistic that we will see slow growth in 2010. It seems to me that everyone still seems to be in survival mode. I believe this year I will not participate in the recession. My goal is to move forward in our business as if there were nothing wrong with the economy. I am a huge believer in having a positive attitude in life, whether it's personal or business. After all, much of what is going on in our country is out of mine and your hands. So join with me as we celebrate a new year and what it is going to bring to all of us.

May you have a Happy and Prosperous New Year
Stephen Pyle
P&D Printing, Ink